FOF Hero v.3.00 (Release)

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FOF Hero v.3.00 (Release)

Post by jrdnxxhero on Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:11 pm

Hero FOF 3.00 Release

Official Website

Windows Download

Windows For Upgrading From MFH - Alarian 2.9 ( Hero FOF 3.00 ) = Here. Replace Your with this one.

Mac Download

Mac Site-Packages:
stuffit should automatically expand it.
Open the folder, Click the top item go all the way to the bottom Shift-click the bottom thing.
Then Control-Click (Or right click) the Bottom one, compress [Number] items.
It creates a
Rightclick that, get info, Name and Extension
Right click alarian, show package contents, then replace the old site-packages.

Mac Mirror - Here

Added Features
1. Career Mode
2. Practice, Multiplayer, Career, Quick Play In Main Menu.
3. Added logic for unlocking.
4. Songs are unlocked in QP, Multi, and Practice.

Theme Downloads-

Guitar Hero 3

Career Setlists (All)
(MID,SONG.INI,SONG.OGG,GUITAR.OGG)- (Place the folder in your songs folder. For PH3 and Aerosmith, Put All The Tiers In One

Christian Hero ~Blackfriday
Rock Band ~jrdnxxhero
Puppetz Hero 3 ~Razlo9
Puppetz Hero 3 Tier 1+2
Puppetz Hero 3 Tier 4+5
Puppetz Hero 3 Tier 5+6+ Titles.ini
Guitar Hero Aerosmith ~Razlo9

Part 1 (Tier 1)

Part 2 (Tier 2)

Part 3 (Tier 3)

Part 4 (Tier 4)

Part 5 (Tier 5)

Part 6 (Tier 6)

Part 7 (Bonus Songs Part 1)

Part 8 (Bonus Songs Part 2 + Titiles.ini)

Career Setlists (song.ini's)

Replace the song.ini's with my song.ini's. And put the titles.ini in the same directory as the songs. ( the songs have to be in the same directory!

Not allowed = Rock Band > Tiers > Song Folder
Allowed = Rock Band > Song Folder.)

Rock Band song.ini's


To Do List-
1. Turn Select Difficulty/ Instrument Text to Art Text
2. Get Support for MP3
3. Get Support for GIF
4. Add code to use PrcticeEditor.png
5. Make Killswitch affect for Starpower notes in GH3 Like Themes Animated (Change Color to silver)
6. Orange fret highscore rotate
7.Animated Loading Screen
8. Animated You Rock/You Fail
9. Option For Animations In Settings


Credits/ Team Hero Members -

More To Come.

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Re: FOF Hero v.3.00 (Release)

Post by Maze on Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:27 pm

Awsome, ill be downloading when i go to my dads.



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Re: FOF Hero v.3.00 (Release)

Post by kidninjax on Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:48 pm

SWEEET finally its out!
i love the career mode its awesome

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Re: FOF Hero v.3.00 (Release)

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